Pension schemes and their corporate sponsors are faced with ongoing significant challenges, particularly in the defined benefits space. The growing understanding of the true costs of providing a final salary solution has already led to many schemes closing to new members, if not also closing to ongoing accrual.

Trustees face considerable investment challenges in building an asset pool adequate to fulfill the primary fiduciary duty – the payment of benefits as they fall due – and there are also significant governance and regulatory challenges to be faced.

The key resource for schemes is also the most limited: trustee time for decision making and implementation. Trustees are unstinting in dedicating their time for the benefit of scheme members but there are considerable efficiency and governance benefits in having additional resources available and making the most of the internal and adviser resources available.

Veasey Associates offers pension scheme, asset management and corporate clients services in the following areas:

  • Professional / Independent Trustee, Non-Executive and Fund Directorships
  • Management of in-house investment and other teams
  • Asset-liability management, funding, solvency and the employer covenant
  • Building of reporting and governance platforms - DC and DB
  • Managing the Investment Manager - due diligence, manager selection and monitoring
  • Assistance in execution/implementation of decisions
  • Working with fiduciary managers / delegated consulting
  • Getting the most out of your current advisers
  • Trustee and team training

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Author: Martin Veasey.

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