Something Different: March 2015 Solar Eclipse

20 March 2015 Well the solar eclipse came and went under the glare of incredible media and popular attention. Hopefully it will have ignited some sustained interest and excitement amongst the next generation! I wanted to thank you for some really kind feedback on the previous posting (below) and some general interest in my hobby of astronomy. I’ve therefore set up an informal personal blog on the subject: – please pay a visit if you have a spare moment! 27 February 2015 On this Friday afternoon, perhaps a little whimsically, I’ve chosen to write on a subject that has…

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Problems accessing Veasey Associates Ltd website

15 November 2012 We have noted that users of some web browsers : for instance Internet Explorer earlier than version 9 : have had some difficulty in accessing the VALtd website recently. This was due to a software upgrade on the web servers and knock-on effects with some of the customising work that we had put in place. Remedial work has been put in place today and things should be back to normal. I would like to thank those people who took the time to let us know of the problems they were encountering and who were kind enough to…

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Password Protection …

11 June 2012 Password protection isn’t a subject that we would normally cover, but we use LinkedIn extensively and many of our contacts also do so. I’ve been a keen follower of computer security for many years and last week’s news that at least part of LinkedIn’s internal password database had been misappropriated, published on the net and was in the process of being ‘decrypted’ was, frankly, a real shock.

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