Milking and Dumping – new paper by the Pensions Institute

31 August 2016 The Pensions Institute was set up as part of the Cass Business School as the first and, as yet, only UK academic research centre to focus exclusively on pensions matters. It’s contributors have published a series of academic research papers, combined with Practitioner Reports – the latter perhaps more accessible to the non-academic. The latest report, authored by Keith Wallace1 is titled “Milking and Dumping: The Devices Businesses use to Exploit Surpluses and Shed Deficits in Their Pension Schemes” The first part of the paper provides a historical perspective on the rise in significance of defined benefit…

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Accounting Standards Board : Proposal for disclosures on financial instruments

15 June 2012 The Accounting Standards Board has been working to replace the battery of existing Financial Reporting Standards (FRSs) and Statements of Standard Accounting Practice with a single comprehensive FRS that will provide consistency and cohesion. As part of this, in January 2012, it issued “Revised FRED 46, 47 & 48: The Future of Financial Reporting : Part Two: The Draft Standards” for comment (link provided below).

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IASB : Changes to the accounting for post-employment benefits

16 June 2011 The International Accounting Standards Board IASB has announced that they have completed their project to improve the accounting for pensions and other benefits by issuing an amended version of IAS 19. These amendments, which are intended to apply for accounting periods starting 1 January 2013 : though they can be adopted sooner by companies : will add to the disclosure and transparency of information on defined benefits plans and will also mark the end of the ‘corridor treatment’ option which previously permitted the deferral of recognition of gains and losses. External link

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